The Palm-ID Pro is a high end biometric application based upon vein pattern recognition. This solution has been especially developed for companies and authorities with multiple access points and/or users. We have added a SIC (Serial Interface Converter) to this system from deister electronic and that enables communication with virtually all common access control systems. The Palm-ID Pro can give an I/O output, a Wiegand or an OSDP signal.

In combination with an access control system, you can also grant certain rights to specific persons. For example, the maintenance technician can only enter on Friday between 9:00 – 12:00 with his/ her palm. The database and software are just on the Controller. To be clear: there is no software or database installed on your existing network. You can easily configure the system with the included webservice.


  • Clear feedback to the user with LED: blue, green and red

  • Fast, accurate and fraud-resistant

  • Works separately from your existing IT architecture

  • Communicates with all common access control systems

  • High security level: scans at five million points

  • Easy to install and expand

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The Palm-ID Pro consists of three main components: a palm scanner, a controller and a SIC.

The palm scanner provides individual users access to areas or data for which they have been authorized. The scanner registers the vein pattern of the offered palm, which is forwarded to the controller as a template.

The controller contains the database in which the authorized persons and their unique biometric characteristics are stored. The controller compares the vein pattern of each scanned palm in real time with the encrypted data in the database.

The SIC receives a signal from the Recogtech controller by RS485. Subsequently, based on a pre-programmed protocol (Wiegand or OSDP), the SIC communicates with your access control system that operates your door controller.

As an accessory we offer the Palm-ID Pro registration kit. This table top model is easy to transport so you can register persons at multiple locations. You will record the vein pattern of the user's palm only once. The pattern will not be saved as an image but directly encrypted and digitally stored as a registered template.

Application areas

The Palm-ID Pro is an excellent tool for safe access control within the legal sector, government institutions, lower authorities, health care, SMEs, the banking sector and multinationals. We also see an increase in the higher segment of private homes where multiple access points are secured with a link to an access control system.

Palm ID Pro accessories

Several accessories are available for the Palm ID Pro.

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Installation and implementation

The installation and implementation of the Palm-ID Pro is carried out by approved system integrators and installers with the correct knowledge of access control systems and security. If you would like more information or become an installer, please contact us.

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