Palm-ID Card registration kit

To read and register the vein pattern of new users, you can use a separate  Palm-ID Card registration kit. This kit works completely standalone. The registration kit is very stable and easy to transport, so you can easily register your staff at multiple locations.

With the included master, learn and delete programming cards you can configure the system and easily register the palm vein pattern on the user card; the encrypted image (template) is written on the user card by using the learn card. With the delete card, you can remove the template from the user card. The master card is only used to reset the system if, for example, you want to implement key changes or create a new learn and delete card.

Card programming station      

Please use this device in combination with a PC or laptop. With the included  programming software you can write the biometric application and the required keys on the programming and user cards. The templates can then subsequently be registered on the user card.

The main parts of the Palm-ID Card are also separate available on request.
We offer packages to extend warranty, support and updates but it is also possible to conclude a full service contract.


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