Recogtech introduces the Palm-ID Card, powered by Deister Electronic. The Palm-ID Card combines the outstanding palm solution of Recogtech with the high-end card technology of Deister Electronic. This results in the best biometric template detection on the best encrypted card. The Palm-ID Card is fully GDPR-compliant.

As privacy is a hot item and a lot of companies struggle with the fact that they have to follow a lot of regulations and protocols, this product will be a relief. The key element of this privacy proof solution is that there will be no storage of personal data in a database but on a card. The information is into the hands of the cardholders themselves and this is normally international accepted.


  • Very user friendly; access by using your palm and a card

  • Privacy proof; the template technology is not hackable

  • Privacy proof; double AES encryption without using an image

  • Makes no use database or server for storage of personal data

  • AES-128 encryption algorithm or higher

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The Palm-ID Card consists of the following components: a registration unit, a palm scanner, a controller and a card reader.

For identification of the person the card will be offered to the Palm-ID Card. As explained in the section of the Palm-ID, this product will also make use of biometrics for registration, using an infrared camera. The image will not be stored in the camera, but multiple points of the vein pattern of the palm will be saved, fully AES encrypted. The palm will be compared with the template on the card. If recognized, the card number of the card will be sent to the access control system. No information will be stored on the Palm-ID Card itself.



Areas of application

The Palm-ID Card can be used as an access control system for a great variety of companies and multinationals, government institutions and the justice system. 

Palm ID Card accessories 

Several accessories are available for the Palm ID Card.

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Installation and implementation

The installation and implementation of the Palm-ID Card will be supported by Deister Electronic and will be done by well-known installers with in-depth knowledge of access control systems and security. We support our partners with information and training, on-site and off-site, to ensure you receive a solution that perfectly meets your wishes and requirements. Please contact us for more information or if you want to become one of our designated distributors.

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