Palm-ID is a system based on PalmSecureTM. This is an extremely reliable security method developed by Fujitsu that works on the basis of vein pattern recognition.

Every palm has a unique vein pattern, which can be scanned using an infrared camera. As veins are under the skin rather than on the surface, the Palm-ID is considerably more resistant to fraud than fingerprint recognition, for example. Besides being accurate and fraud-proof, the Palm-ID is also hygienic, quick and extremely easy to use. Users are very positive about the system.


The Palm-ID consists of 3 components: a registration unit, a palm scanner and a controller.  

The registration unit is used to record the vein pattern in the user’s palm. You only need to do this once. Instead of being stored as an image, the pattern captured is immediately encoded and stored digitally in the form of a registered template. 

The palm scanner gives individual users access to rooms or data for which they have been granted authorisation. To allow this access, the scanner records the vein pattern of the palm presented and sends this to the controller as a template. 

The controller contains the database in which authorised individuals and their unique biometric characteristics are stored. It compares the vein pattern of each palm scanned with the encrypted data in the database in real time.





  • Very user-friendly: use your palm to gain access

  • Extremely accurate and resistant to fraud

  • Easy to combine with existing security systems (e.g. card readers)

  • Less privacy-sensitive 

Areas of application

The Palm-ID is an access control system that is used extensively within the justice system, as well as by government institutions and the banking and healthcare sectors. It is also becoming increasingly popular within the regular business community.

Installation and implementation

To arrange installation and implementation of the Palm-ID, please contact our distribution partners. We support our partners with information and training, on-site and off-site, to ensure you receive a solution that perfectly meets your wishes and requirements.

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