Due to the need for higher levels of security, partly due to the explosive growth of cybercrime, the demand for biometric security solutions based on vein pattern recognition will increase enormously in the coming years. Ironically, the implementation can actually create new security problems. For Recogtech, this is the reason to release the superuser functionality of its biometric security solutions.

Many security products are IP-based nowadays. As a result, IT managers are often forced to make adjustments in the network architecture in order to make the security products run properly. This allows external processes on the network without having a clear understanding of them. Many security products, like a lot of other third-party technology, are black boxes. This means you could, unaware and unintentional, open a back door in the network.

Root access for superuser

Recogtech puts an end to this black box situation by taking its’ responsibility and giving the superuser root access to the biometric technology. This allows this superuser to configure our technology according to his own insights and wishes. For example: you will be able to adjust the IP addresses used for communication or install an extra security layer. In summary: complete control for IT management.

Security by design

Recogtech is convinced that this way of allowing control will be standard practice in the future. Phishing, being hacked, identity fraud, ransomware: every organization will come across these forms of cybercrime. From an IT governance point of view, this is a way towards security by design. 

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