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Recogtech is the specialist in biometric security. 

We develop and supply identification solutions that combine a high level of security with unrivalled user convenience. Secure access made simple.

About Recogtech

What Recogtech’s customers say

“Recogtech looks beyond the technology itself and also thinks about how it will work in day-to-day practice. This results in products that not only offer a high level of security, but are also extremely user-friendly.”

“There is no doubt that biometrics are the future. However, if biometric applications are to be accepted, user convenience is an important prerequisite. Recogtech understands that better than anyone.”

Why Recogtech?

The biometrics specialist

Focus on security and user convenience


Winner of SSA Award

In the ‘solutions for government’ category


Recognised experts

Affiliated to the Dutch Association for Biometrics and Identity (VVBI)


From our knowledge base

The basics of biometrics.

To assess the value of biometric applications, it is useful to know a little about the basic principles of this technology.


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