Are you looking for an access solution to protect your premises or confidential data? If so, you will soon realise that solutions are available for every conceivable security level. There are also considerable variations in the degree of user-friendliness offered by these systems. In practice, finding a solution that combines these two aspects (security and user convenience) is no easy task.

This is precisely what we specialise in at Recogtech: biometric identification solutions with a level of security and user convenience that is tailored perfectly to your organisation's wishes and requirements. Secure access made simple – that is our mission.

Authority in the area of biometric security

Recogtech was the first company in the world to use Fujitsu’s PalmSecureTM palm reader to create an effective access control solution based on recognition of the vein pattern in the hand. Director Eduard de Knegt, a member of the Dutch Association for Biometrics and Identity (VVBI), is also an authority in the area of biometrics himself.

Proven technology for critical users

Recogtech has since acquired an excellent reputation in the field of biometric security in the Netherlands and abroad. Our solutions are used by the government and justice system, by banks and hospitals, but also, for example, by multinationals with exacting demands when it comes to the security level and convenience of their access and identification systems.

Winner of SSA Award

As early as 2011 Recogtech’s work was recognised with an SSA Award in the ‘solutions for government’ category. SSA (Safety & Security Amsterdam) is the Netherlands’ leading trade fair in the area of safety and security. From the beginning Recogtech has been an authority in the area of biometric security.

Happy to share our knowledge

Better use of biometrics starts with a better understanding of the subject. That is why we are happy to share our knowledge. In the first instance, we do this by training and supporting our distribution partners. We also give talks to customers and regularly get round the table to offer advice on individual projects. Last but not least, we share information on biometrics via the knowledge base on this website.

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